​Director/Writer: Samic David
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Shooting Locations: Paris, France 

Synopsis: (Romance,Comedy)

Martin is studying at the Faculty of Arts in Paris, but he does not like it. Indeed, he prefers to dream and spends his time sleeping in class. His best friend, Luke thinks only about girls and about himself.
One day, a new student named Beth, arrived into Martin's class. He falls in love with her immediately. His only purpose is to talk to her and seduce her.
But he notes, the time of a kiss, the dream is replaced by every day life.

Cast: Boris Baum, Dalia Sade, Jules Audry 

Sur les pas de mon oncle 2011
Cannes Short Short Film Corner 2011
Festival International de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés 2011

Dalia Sade