Dalia Sade

Director: Mina Poe
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Shooting Locations: France

Synopsis: (Drama) In a morose industrial neighborhood of northern France; a young woman and her baby return home after a hard day of work. She's happy because her boyfriend has finally found a job. On her doorstep, she meets her nice retired neighbor, who offers her services to babysit, in order to let the young couple spend some time together. But, as soon as she enters their small home, she realizes that her man has already quit his job, and has spent his entire day watching absurd TV shows. His need to be comforted is answered by her silence. What ensues, is a dialog between two deaf souls, full of suffering and growing provocation. 

Cast: Salem Kali, Dalia Sade, Martine Thinières 

Production website: http://maymoonproductions.com/fr/bon-appetit-misere/

Brooklyn Girl Film Festival​